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VybeOffice allows you to manage your company online from a single portal.

VybeOffice is a powerful online tool that gives you full control of your online communications, files, data and finances, helps you to manage your customer relationships as well as empowering your team.

There are are a lot of good online CRM, accounting, VoIP, web hosting and file management programs. There are two problems with them:

  • They don't work together
  • You have to pay for them individually

VybeOffice looks at your world the way we look at ours - let's simplify our processes while controlling access AND costs.

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Integral has been serving the world's Micro Capital markets since 2009.

The company has clients on 10 stock exchanges on three continents. It provides a full range of stock issuance, transfer, custodial and registrar services all designed with the Micro Cap company in mind.

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Connect your company with investors with targeted news release and chat room information services.

Establish your business credit and detach your personal credit from your business.

We now provide EDGAR filing services as part of our goal to provide a complete range of support services to our growing client base in the United States and around the world.

Touchstone International Business Services provides corporate secretarial services to clients globally through 4 offices in North America and a growing affiliate network. Services include: incorporation, minute book management, news releases, regulatory filings, accounting services and stock exchange documentatation.